Change is hard…. So hard that oftentimes we would rather suffer through physical or emotional pain than change. Yet change is essential to life. As adults we no longer live with our parents, we no longer think as a child, we no longer dress as a child, and we no longer act as a child. To refuse change and to continue thinking or dressing or acting as a child would be seen as a problem and that there is something wrong. It is this paradox of dreading change and knowing change is essential to life that keeps us in limbo.

Here is the question, while change is essential to life, is there somethings that shouldn’t change?

There are several things that comes to mind that doesn’t change. First, Biblical truth doesn’t change. Some may say that it is an outdated archaic book that isn’t relevant to modern life, yet I say it is just as relevant today and tomorrow as it was 20 years ago or even 2000 years ago. Another thing that doesn’t change is Christ love for you. So often we think that if we do the right thing and don’t mess us then Jesus will love me, yet if I mess up then that love is reduced or even removed. The simple truth is that Jesus loves you warts and all.

Are there things that should change? Let me give you several things that should change:
1) Your love for your spouse will change over the course of time. So many newly weds go into marriage thinking that the ‘butterflies’ and the ‘honeymoon’ period will last forever, yet when it changes they think something is wrong and that they have ‘fallen out of love’. The reality is that the love between husband and wife evolves over time and as the phases of life shift. To love your spouse is a daily and active decision.
2) The methods you use to accomplish the task of life. Technology changes, your knowledge and experience increases, and your skill level changes. As these things change the way that you accomplish task changes.
3) Eating and exercise habits change. As we age we have to be more conscientious of our diet and our physical activity. Those sweets that didn’t bother us as children, teens and young adults, now become a significant concern with weight and our general health. Our exercise routine has become more intentional and the level of intensity changes as we age.
4) The methodology of how we do church must change. The gospel message mustn’t change. We must maintain biblical fidelity, yet the manner in which we accomplish the mission of making disciples must change to remain effective in the culture around us. I’m not saying that we must be like the culture around us, yet what I’m saying is that we must position ourselves to effectively reach the culture around us.

I’ve heard it said that as a church we are perfectly designed to get the results that we are getting. My friends, as I look at the world around me and as I look at the effectiveness of the church, what I see is worse than incredibly discouraging.

Change is hard. Change is uncomfortable. Yet in so many things in life, change is essential. It is incredibly unwise to change for change sake, yet wise change positions oneself, the church, or the organization to make the leap toward greater effectiveness.

Author: Keith Hudson

Pastor, Passion for the Lord Jesus Christ, Passion for People, Passion for the Church, and Passion for Healthy Families and Marriages.